Biogas Facilities

Biogas plants offer the opportunity to combine the generation of energy with a sensible use of resources. The local production of sustainable energy from renewable raw materials available in the area, promotes the increase of national energy security while creating a diversified source of income for farmers.

Many materials such as manure, sewage,green waste, plant material, and crops, organic waste, and many more wastes can be used in biogas facilities. Biogas facilities can be used to produce priceless fertilizer.

We construct the Pits, Mixing Tanks, Digesters, biogas tanks, Secondary Digesters, Storage Tanks, Digestate Tanks & Lechate Tanks as per requirements. The Heat Insulation for the bottom slab, Walls and Ceilings, the concrete protection are part of the wide range of services of BBTank - all from a single source with the best quality.