Commercial and Industrial Construction

Much of our current work comes from Hydraulic and Civil Engineers, Developers and Commercial Plumbers

BB TANKS - Commercial Concrete Water Storage Construction Specialists

BB Tanks build concrete, engineer designed water tanks mainly underground (many of which have carparks, roads, slabs and lawn over the top of them) for some major construction groups in South East Queensland

Some of our quality clients include Multispan, BMD Consulting, Broad Construction, Northbuild, Walton Construction, Costall Drainage, Davies Projects, Vos Construction, Mirvac, DeLuca Properties, McCaul Plumbing and Drainage, Axis Plumbing and Thomas and Coffey to name a few. Construction jobs are built to engineer design and often accommodate significant tank coverage and loading.

Some of our recent Quality Jobs:

A number of recent jobs with McCaul Plumbing and Drainage included:

  1. 8 x 45,000 litre high traficable tanks for an aged care facility with 1200 x 1200 x 500 deep sumps and includes stainless steel ladders with 1 metre risers and class d manholes with carpark over the top
  2. 2 x 45,000 litre high trafficable tanks at the Burpengary Fire and Rescue Station with a driveway over the top of the tanks and load rated for any lateral loadings from a 36 tonne fire truck.
  3. 4 x 45,000 litre trafficable tanks at the Redlands Department of Primary Industries Research Station - Delancy Street Cleveland

We recently constructed 6 x 45,000 litre water tanks and 1 x 22,500 litre water tank for Axis Plumbing at Conrad Jupiters on the Gold Coast.

We have just finished construction of a number of BB Tanks Premium Concrete Water Storage Tanks at the new Ormeau School where we built for Northbuild 6 x 8.4m 120,000 litre tanks and 1 x 6m 45,000 litre tank. Five of the big tanks were built to go under the oval with up to 600mm of cover and grass over the top of the tanks. The manholes were positioned so access to the tanks will be just to the side of the main football ground.