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Water is the driver of Nature. We can only avoid the calamity of a comprehensive drinking water shortage by precise management of our water storage. BBTank provides best solutions for it.

The reinforced concrete round tanks built by BBTank are excellent for the use as drinking water tanks. We made your drinking water tanks with the advanced steel using an in situ concrete method. Our framework is built solid for assembling the inner and outer formwork without wall anchors and spacer passing through the walls, ensuring that highest durability can be achieved.This ensures the highest reliability.

Drinking water tanks require huge demands on concrete area. To fix this complication, at the inside of the tank wall our special formwork can be lined with a subsequently obliterable "water drain membrane".

We built tank according required size and capacity. We also supply you with baffle walls, dividing walls and valve housing building .We can also roof your tanks with a domed ceiling surface for optimal drip run-off properties using our advanced developed dome roof formwork.