Slurry Tanks

Organic fertilizer contains important nutrients, to put back into the soil. Professional collection & storage of slurry is essential for the excellent use of these nutrients to benefit crops and to save the environment.

Worlds ahead

The main benefits of Slurry Storage using our Reinforced Concrete Round tanks are :

  • We provide you slurry tanks with a capacity of 10 m³ to 10,000 m³, with or without a reinforced concrete roof slab.
  • Price of the tank is low because We take all the local conditions .
  • The use of small-surface or large-surface formwork makes the shuttering work a effortless.
  • The large-surface formwork elements up to height of 6.0 m are moved with our cranes with ease.
  • Our ceiling formwork is more than excellent value for money and rapidly constructed.
Collaboration – save even more on the job!

To cut the construction costs for reinforced concrete round tanks you can do more of the work on site yourself!